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A bank account
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The 1st account that transfers your money automatically every day.

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Your IBAN in 15 minutes
Open your account online and receive your IBAN in just 15 minutes from a mobile or computer!
Boost your 3rd pillar account with our competitive rates
From 1 December 2022, we’re boosting your 3rd pillar rate to 0.50%!
Your CHF/eur exchange instantly
With attractive CHF>EUR rates, discover the advantages of doing your currency exchange online with Crédit Agricole next bank.

* The exchange rate displayed on the site is updated daily. It is indicative and may change at any time.

We will finance your dream property in Switzerland, as well as in France.
Invest in your dreams by choosing a fund that is only available in Switzerland.
Accounts & cards
No fees on your payments and withdrawals abroad: handy when you're in the heart of Europe.
Feel right at home thanks to our advice. Welcome to Switzerland!
Just like you, we hop between countries and currencies, so we are the right partner to meet your expectations!

Transition to QR-bills: our top tips

Since 1 October 2022, QR-bills have permanently replaced inpayment slips (IS and ISR). No need to worry: this change has in fact made managing your payments even simpler. Discover how to pay your QR-bills, how to turn them into standing orders as well as the alternatives available for paying your bills.


3rd pillar: open architecture, the solution for diversifying your portfolio

We offer open architecture investing, a real added value that gives you access to new investment opportunities to diversify your portfolio. Previous years have shown that a 3rd pillar in investment funds increases in value more over the long term than a 3rd pillar in savings.

All about the 3rd pillar: Amount, investment period, tax advantages...

Do you not have a 3rd pillar plan yet? In this article, you will find all the useful information you need to be at the top of your game in this field!!

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Cross-border commuters: optimise your retirement savings with a 3rd pillar A

Take control of your financial future and give it fresh potential by saving in Switzerland. Whatever your budget or your plans, the 3rd pillar is THE attractive solution for cross-border commuters in the Canton of Geneva. It enables you to anticipate, manage, and make your savings grow in an optimal way.

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TWINT available in 2023

Many of you asked us about it, and we listened: the TWINT solution will be integrated in 2023 into the services CA next bank provides.

In the meantime, you have the option of using TWINT Prepaid as well as our various mobile payment solutions.

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4 e-banking features that are going to make your life easier

Have you logged in to the e-banking platform for the first time, but have not yet taken the time to discover all the new features available? Here are four of them that will make your life easier!

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