1% of our profits dedicated to supporting 10 social initiatives

Published on February 6, 2024Reading time 5 min.
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Crédit Agricole next bank is continuing its CSR approach, and this year is allocating 1% of its 2023 profits – i.e. a total of CHF 104,000 – to supporting 10 organisations, all of which were submitted by the Bank's employees as part of an internal programme.

A rewarding approach that builds bonds

The organisations were selected through a participatory process involving all the Bank's employees. In October 2023, employees received a form to gather and submit their proposals.  Everyone was then invited to pitch their proposal to the CSR Steering Committee. Lastly, after deliberating and carrying out the usual checks with the Compliance department, the Committee announced its final selection from the 20 shortlisted proposals received.

For the Bank, using this process is a conscious decision. As well as being close to its customers, the Bank also seeks to be close to its employees, and this call for contributions was an opportunity to share the common values of solidarity and support. The dynamic was, yet again, very positive. For the project leaders, it has also been a factor in consolidating links around common challenges.

Supporting for those driving the initiatives

The main aims of this initiative are to support those who are taking the initiative and working towards:

  • protecting and rehabilitating the environment
  • strengthening good relations with Europe
  • supporting people in difficulty

What's more, it's important that these actions benefit the people who live in the areas to which our customers belong. The Committee in charge of the project has made it its mission to prioritise reasonably-sized, locally-active organisations in Switzerland and in neighbouring France, and that are headquartered in Switzerland.

The 10 organisations selected

The budget was distributed as follows:

  • CHF 10,000 for PRO Genève, a private social enterprise that reintegrates people excluded from the primary market, in particular due to disability, into economically successful commercial activities | www.pro-geneve.ch/
  • CHF 10,000 for La Virgule, a hostel for persons in precarious situations, which helps people who have encountered difficulties in their lives to regain their independence | www.lavirgule.ch/
  • CHF 10,000 for the Fondation Trajets, which provides specific support for people with mental health problems and helps them to integrate socially and professionally | www.trajets.org/
  • CHF 12,000 for Refettorio, a solidarity restaurant that welcomes people in need with dignity to enjoy a free, high-quality meal while supporting our actions for a more environmentally-friendly future | www.refettoriogeneva.org/
  • CHF 15,000 for Team Rynkeby, a cycling sports charity that travels from Zurich to Paris to raise funds for the Swiss Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research | www.team-rynkeby.ch/
  • CHF 12,000 for Apidae, an association that promotes biodiversity by protecting bees in the Greater Geneva area | www.apidae.ch/
  • CHF 7,000 for the Fondation Théodora, which provides laughter and fun for children in hospital or with disabilities | www.theodora.ch/la-fondation/
  • CHF 8,000 for Le Festival du Film Français d’Helvétie, whose mission is to bring French and French-speaking cinema to German-speaking Switzerland | www.fffh.ch/fr/
  • CHF 10,000 for Allani Kinderhospiz Bern, a hospice dedicated to sick children, aiming to improve their quality of life through medicine and specific palliative care, with tailored psychosocial support | www.allani.ch/de/
  • CHF 10,000 to help rebuild the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds following the devastating storm of 24 July 2023.

These actions enable us to share our common values through solidarity and support, thereby promoting exchanges and mutual awareness.

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